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Even with your best efforts, your child will miss some school days for important reasons.  The attendance laws are designed to ensure that the missed days of school don’t interfere with your child’s academic achievement and earned credit.  You must stay in constant communication with your child’s school so that your child may receive all of the support and resources available to promote academic success.


How Do You Ensure Your Child Does Not Miss Too Much School?

Stay in constant communication with your child's camp, and make sure they know when absences are necessary for your child.  There are many resources the campus can refer to you that may assist families in a crisis.

When scheduling appointments with health care providers, please choose a time that will allow your child to begin or end their day at school.  A student who has an appointment with a health care provider but attends school for a part of that same day or class will receive credit for attending the whole day or class.

Review Three Way ISD’s school calendar and, whenever possible, schedule health care appointments and family trips/vacations before or after school or during school breaks or holidays.

Switch between morning and afternoon appointments so that your child doesn’t miss the same class all the time.